We found that NFT games always require some technical knowledge of how the blockchain works, NFT games are almost never beginner friendly thus always compete for the same potential pool of gamers, we want the game to be as easy for the moms as for the NFT gamers, the key is simple mechanics

Playing is simple, you get started with 3 pets, with RGN ability and strength

  • There are 4 main stages in the pets growth
  • Pet , Monster , Beast and Dead

Similar to many RPG games but with less emphasis on powers and abilities and more on maneuverability, skill, and strategy Currently the game in early stages, check the roadmap for more info


  • Startup

    • 3 Pet Character design
    • Game level design
    • OEC integration
    • PvE (Forest realm)
    • Pet generation attributes
    • Art direction
    • Secure funding
    • Referral airdrop system
    • Audit section
    • Community feedback and enhancement
    • Social Marketing

  • Launch

    • PvP (Colisia realm)
    • Marketplace and trade
    • Sharing features
    • Community building activities
    • Socialmedia marketing
    • PvE (Colisia realm)
    • 3 Monster and Beasts Character design

  • Mobile Integration

    • Auction
    • Finalizing Character designse
    • Mobile (Android/IOS)
    • Airdrops
    • Full integration with OEC and GameFi

  • Update

    • Championship torment system
    • 3 more creatures
    • More abilities for creatures
    • Character customs and shop